Drew Coven of #thebizfix podcast at Innovate Pasadena

Drew Koven
LDR Ventures

PODCAST: Thebizfix

Intersection of meaning and money
At Innovate Pasadena

June 9th, 2017

Kinkos was my best friend. I was the master of cut and paste

Started in my dorm room, grew to five colleges, by creating pace

Every start up has its own tempo. My best lessons were learned by doing.

I know that I’m a decent house on a decent block, by making sure value is accruing…

Value in others and within myself by consciously paying attention 

Being self aware enough to know that trust leads you to ascension…

For you can run fast by yourself, but you can run further with others.

What I’m passionate about as my life’s work, is building up my life’s partners.

The way you think about your competition is to see them as a collaborator too.

To coexist, collab or compete… All depends on you.

Amazon aimed to beat everyone on price, satisfaction, beat everyone on selection.

What is your plan, your reason for being? Find purpose in your reflection.

If you’re highly customized and personalized then you can coexist.

Is your brand powerful enough, to stand amongst and amidst…

Other successful businesses. Are you personally setup for success?

In your personal life and your health. While knowing what other company’s possess?

For what you can do, depends on you, And hard work is ahead.

your people are the most important factor, So, be honest and authentic instead.

Overt about what you do not know, Adding value to advance…

Each person that you are in contact with to the extent of which you can.

– Adjoa Skinner

*written in real time while listening to Drew speak.


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