Vintage Church LA – #summeroflove #blessingBabylon #losangeles

Written in real time while listening to the guest speaker at Vintage Church LA, who challenged us as citizens of Los Angeles.


Ministers of the new creation
Known for creativity

Standing within culture
living within their city

Retrieving what was lost in the fall
But doing it without the Divine.

the height of rebellion against God was religion, But in relationship we find…

In Christ eternal life and a sound mind
Amidst confusion and chaos

Looking outward, competing against
Each other…who is our equal or boss.

But our freedom is an act of worship
Our freedom has a purpose to bless

The gentiles and the foreigners
Those most abused and oppressed.

Solomon took his freedom and ran with it… ran to accumulate

12,000 horses and chariots
With other tools of war and hate

The Slaves becoming Slave drivers
Not seeing they're need to reform

incrementally getting self reliant
no longer seeking to be transformed

Solomon became like Babylon
Rebellious against the God that saved

Babylon was redeemed through the presence of God, through the people of God that stayed

Babylon was then blessed by the Israelites
and by the God of Israel redeemed

with a grace that they never deserved
With a love that none had seen

God said to them prosper, make a future
And while living in Babylon, keep the faith

I will bring you back from captivity
After the 70 years that you stayed.

So put down roots & make a home
You're not here only passing through

So we also must know our neighbors
Asking them "who and how are you?"

We also in our city
The city of angels, LA

Are blessed that we would be a blessing
And that is our purpose today.

⁃ Adjoa Skinner

Uncommon warfare

Today's message @livingspringchurch was powerful. Our #guestspeaker @pastorlatch brought a transforming message about the power of honoring our commitments to God. Challenged me a lot. I can only rise to the challenge set before me. Here's the poem I wrote while listening to his sermon. Let me know how it impacts you.
#rhymeinrealtime “Uncommon warfare”

John 13
Joshua 9:1-6

What it is to serve
Is to get down on your knees
To love someone so tangibly
You'd wash their filthy feet.

But Judas thought that he would get
Far more than what Christ gave.
A new Jerusalem to him looked like
Leveraging and gain.

But servanthood will stretch you
To grow you where it hurts
There will be fruit from this labor
If you're not afraid of the dirt.

Joshua in battle
Fought with one accord
with lies of mis-representation
the Gideonites made covenant with the Lord

So Joshua made them serve in the tabernacle alongside the Levitical priests.
His Word was his bond, despite their lies
And his life did teach

Teach us that our Word is strong
Our word brings favor and peace.
When we enter into covenant
Our Word is a release.

To stand before the Lord and reap
The good that we did sow.
What will be cast out in the low tide
Will come back, for it is this truth we know

That God has always kept his word
Despite what we have done.
So our rights are under a justice system
That is slim to none.

We are not slaves to sin and death
But slaves to righteousness
To grace and love and quality
We let the Lord address

Address our right to dominion
Claim miracles through obedient hearts.
Knowing that are covenant is with God
Is not a loss, or a false start.

We don't need to back down when it's scary
We don't need to take back promises
We must know that intentions matter
Let's stop pretending that we are less

Less than the righteousness of God
Doing what's right pays off.
Let's persevere in Jesus name
And know it is worth every cost.

– Adjoa Skinner
*For more rhyme in real time poems click on the link in my bio. I create these while listening. #activelistening #flow #freestyle #poetry #poet #songwriter #lyricist #losangeles

Trust, Delight Commit and Rest – Dr Chris Evans #rhymeinrealtime

Living Spring Church

July 9, 2017

Dr. Chris Evans

Trust, Delight, Commit & Rest

*written by Adjoa in real time while listening to Dr Evans speak. #rhymeinrealtime #activelistening



Life can be stressful

It is inevitable

That the little and big things

In our lives can take their toll.


For stress is over-extending ourselves

Without adequate time to recover

Til our bodies and our minds

Reveal aches & pains we discover.


In the places we are vulnerable.

The places where there’s a work.

we think we overcome by striving

But only leads us to more hurt.


Trust, Delight, Commit & Rest

Leads to Flourishing, Happiness, Thriving

Although the desire to push on

Declaring “We’re living like we’re dying”


Yet…to find or happiness

is to pursue something else…

For birth to death studies have shown

It’s not finding marriage, nor wealth


It’s pursuing the right things

in the right kinds of ways for the right kinds of reasons

Through living our lives in community with others

In our good and hard seasons.


Peace in the midst of the storm. We don’t have to be weary and worn

We don’t have to be striving towards an end

Peace in the midst of the storm. In our hearts, in our minds in our form

In the presence of our God and of our friends.


  • Adjoa Skinner



Psalm 37:3-9


Trust in the Lord and do good.

Delight in the Lord.

Commit your way to the Lord & He will act.


Be still before the Lord,

And wait patiently for Him.



The power of vulnerability – Rev. Kristy Hinds 

The power of vulnerability Deeper with God. Deeper with others

July 2nd, 2017
Living spring church

Rev. Kristy Hinds            

*Poem written in real time while listening to Rev. Kristy Hinds speak at Living Spring Church.

The power of vulnerability 

Trauma can either give you a platform to stand

Or close you off to the world.

That is the choice of every person 

be authentic? Or a scared boy or girl.

To overcome fear we must look upward 

Being honest with where we are at…

To know that although we feel overwhelmed 

We have those who have our back.

Those who pour into us while we are vulnerable 

So we can give of our ourselves 

To give to the world, first rest and be filled 

To give of or increase, our wealth

The wealth of our time and our talents

Our wisdom, our peace, our lives.

For vulnerability develops compassion

compassion built up makes pride die.

And without our pride, we find what’s inside

Not focusing on a facade.

For the Holy Spirit searches the depths of ourselves, even the depths of God.

And vulnerability develops authenticity 

It overcomes pride, fear and shame

It benefits us because it reminds us

That God calls us each out by name.

YHWH is our closest counselor

Our comfort, Father, Truth

So we can surrender with arms lifted up

And faces held high towards the roof.

Oh Lord, you call us your friend.we are blessed! What a joy to share and commune…

In the presence of your Spirit through relationship with you and our Motley Crue.

– Adjoa Skinner

Mark 3:1-19

What is lawful on the sabbath 

To do good? To heal? Or to kill.

Jesus healed

And the Pharisees then went out and plotted how to kill Jesus..

Christ went into a boat to be with the Father and upon returning spoke to the crowd and appointed 12 as his disciples. 
Mark 3:5 (NRSV)

He looked around at them in anger and he was grieved by their hardness of heart and said to the man, “stretch out your hand” he stretched it out and his hand was restored.
1st Corinthians 2:9-10

No eye has seen nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived what God has prepared for those who love him – these things God has revealed to us through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches everything…

Rhianna Pierre – healing hands

Chronic pain can be discouraging, believing for healing feels worse.

Why would God heal another…  and yet leave me in pain like a curse?

I questioned if it was my lack of belief, that a miracle wouldn’t occur.

But healing is a work, and it takes time. It’s inefficient and leaves us unsure…

Because the continual journey is bumpy. It’s testing our perseverance and worth 

Changing our minds until we understand, it’s not about what we deserve.

Considering it pure joy when we have trials of many kinds

Knowing that joy can be the fruit of the pain that we try to hide.

For healing moments can happen with others, if I open myself to the lesson 

That my pain, is not my curse. God came to heal us through compassion.

God doesn’t help those who help themselves. God heals because he loves

We don’t earn our healing from God. It is a powerful force far above…

Every trauma every hurt, Every weakness that we know.

God gives us the power to heal. Even broken hands can sow…

Sow a seed, through a healing deed, through a step towards humanity 

Knowing what God has called us to, is to pray to our God and just be…

Be active though our brokenness. Abundance in action, in step 

Knowing that the joy of the Lord is, enough when we have nothing left…

Allowing God to be the giver of healing, despite what we’ve done.

The healing that we’ve already experienced and The healing that has yet to come.
– Adjoa Skinner


*written while listening to Rhianna Pierre speak at Living Spring Church on June 18th, 2017

James 1:2-4

Matthew 9:35-36

Black sheep bikers

Marty Edwards Speaker at Living Spring 

June 11th, 2017
God is not safe but he is good. Just like the bike I ride.

Initially my wife said, She’d have nothing to do with it. Now she’s stuck to my backside.

It seems I can’t go on my bike without her, The adventure too great to resist.

But the start of that journey started with tragedy, when a young man named Michael deceased.

I started the black sheep biker ministry and left behind what was safe 

Saying goodbye to what was comfortable & familiar, to step up to what God wanted me to face.

For God pointed out to Moses that a walking stick could be used..

To part the sea and pour water from the rock and bring down from the mount the good news.

Oh if my life, would look just like Christ, That I’d offer every part of my being

Offering grace, unearned and undeserved, So the outcast could be seeing.

A love that is unconditional, Through the taking up of my cross

Despite being accused of doing wrong, counting every gain as loss.

Being among the people,Offering what has been given to me…

That Christ was the one who said “I’m here, my freedom sets you free”…

Free to love your neighbor, Care, not judge, not ignore.

For we are to be as Christ, that is what our lives are for.

Adjoa Skinner
*written in real time while listening to Marty speak at Living Spring

*HOG means Harley Owners Group

RAM – righteous army of men

Drew Coven of #thebizfix podcast at Innovate Pasadena

Drew Koven
LDR Ventures

PODCAST: Thebizfix

Intersection of meaning and money
At Innovate Pasadena

June 9th, 2017

Kinkos was my best friend. I was the master of cut and paste

Started in my dorm room, grew to five colleges, by creating pace

Every start up has its own tempo. My best lessons were learned by doing.

I know that I’m a decent house on a decent block, by making sure value is accruing…

Value in others and within myself by consciously paying attention 

Being self aware enough to know that trust leads you to ascension…

For you can run fast by yourself, but you can run further with others.

What I’m passionate about as my life’s work, is building up my life’s partners.

The way you think about your competition is to see them as a collaborator too.

To coexist, collab or compete… All depends on you.

Amazon aimed to beat everyone on price, satisfaction, beat everyone on selection.

What is your plan, your reason for being? Find purpose in your reflection.

If you’re highly customized and personalized then you can coexist.

Is your brand powerful enough, to stand amongst and amidst…

Other successful businesses. Are you personally setup for success?

In your personal life and your health. While knowing what other company’s possess?

For what you can do, depends on you, And hard work is ahead.

your people are the most important factor, So, be honest and authentic instead.

Overt about what you do not know, Adding value to advance…

Each person that you are in contact with to the extent of which you can.

– Adjoa Skinner

*written in real time while listening to Drew speak.