Vision: call & response

#rhymeinrealtime written while listening to Lead Pastor Ger Jones speak at Vintage Church Los Angeles

Colossians 1:19-20

God in His fullness was pleased to live in Christ and through him God reconciled everything to himself…

Acts 16:6-10


Drill deeply, very briefly

That we are to love the world through mission

Knowing that in Matthew 28

God gave the great commission.

That says, We’ve been given authority

In heaven and in earth

So that God’s mission would be done

That’s the first thing, yes! The first

Authority wasn’t given

So we’d do as we please

Authority was given

That through it, we’d meet the need

To disciple nations

Planting churches in love

Knowing the Holy Spirit

Gives us a destiny far above

Even if it means we’d leave behind

The comforts of our home

reaching to those who are far away

showing them they’re not alone.

When we leave behind the ninety nine,

To seek and save one lost

We do the same as Jesus Christ

And truly count the cost

What’s the luxury of living in a bubble

When miracles await?

we can move in miracles

If we truly stay awake.

Partnering with people

Locally and globally

Knowing redemption begins

When we gather actively.

To have strategic discussions

Prioritizing God’s mission

To welcome all just as they are

And encouraging all to make that decision.

– Adjoa Skinner



Sweat Equity – Stepping up to more

#rhymeinrealtime written & rhymed & shared live while listening Living Spring Church Pastor John Rittenhouse

Sept 10th, 2017

“We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we could walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

I Timothy 4:8

—– —– —– —– —–

We all have different ideas

Of what healthy looks like…

We all have pictures in our minds

That we pick and choose throughout life.

God has shaped each of us

And each of us unique

To focus on the Lord

To find out what healthy could be

Godliness has value for all,

In this life and what’s to come.

We belong to YHWH

To make sure God’s work is done.

We are the Divine’s workmanship

Bought with a price so high

That Christ would lay down everything

To give eternal life.

It takes hard work to try to change

To seek and find the truth.

It takes effort to each morning say…

God I want to be led by you.

You have prepared good works

You’ve prepared a work for me…

An exercise, a way to live

To walk within freely.

So that in time, let’s choose not to resign

To who we were before

Six weeks to grow together.

That we’d step up to more.

– Adjoa Skinner


Freedom in love

Pastor Jonathan Puckett

Sept 4th, 2017

Core Freedoms

BT Roberts, founder of free Methodism

Was kicked out of the Methodist church

Because he opposed the pew tax

He found this a segregation far worse

Than what was experienced out in the world

He wanted the church to be a place

Where we choose to not identify people

In stereotypes or race.

BT founded free Methodism in freedoms

That were not the norm

All races, genders, economic backgrounds

Could come as one to the throne

The throne of grace and mercy

The throne of righteousness and love

For there is neither slave nor free

Or Jew or Greek because…

The law was given to overcome offenses

Til Christ came to make all things new

These rigorous, complex traditions & rituals

Might seem strange to me and you…

That is why Paul didn’t force non-Jews

To follow Jewish customs, because

A follower of Jesus

Is anyone who receives Christ’s love

No gender, race or social status

Decides if you’re in or out.

These things do not determine our worth

That’s not what the church is about.

Righteousness does not come from the law

Nor from social acceptance

The law was there, to tend and take care

while Christ died for our offenses.

We all become Gods children

Through Faith in Christ alone.

No matter where we come from

We are loved and known!

Sons and daughters, heirs to a kingdom

Christ’s sacrifice invited us in.

Allowing every person to be set free

From the law and from their sin.

So that we might be a blessing

For freedom Christ set us free.

To love and live in a way

That truly is healthy.

Not putting up barriers

Saying don’t cross, you’re not right…

Right color or gender or background

How are we fighting the fight?

Fighting the fight to be inclusive

In the way that Christ is for all…

That every person is to be a blessing

Every person has a call.

Equal before God and family

The family that is in Christ

Sharing & growing & learning & loving

in our everlasting lives.

Our only responsibility

is to share & to love and to give.

Our role is not to tell people

how they can and cannot live

Inclusive means you can belong

Before you do believe

Inclusive means that you can stay

And it means you can leave.

So let’s do this together

Let’s journey with full hearts

Let’s move upon our path

Unafraid to make new starts.

Let’s find ways to be united

Let’s make each day an ask

God show us how to live as you

Put us on your path…

A path that joins with many

Belonging first to you

We love you Lord. Our rock and strength

Our hope and light and truth

— — — — — —

Galatians 3:19-28

Women In Music LA Presents “How I Got Here”

#rhymeinrealtime done while listening to the panelists speak in Pasadena, CA – Wednesday, August 23, 2017. I took what each of the women said and rhymed it while they hopped around with the mic in a Q & A Style panel.  Enjoy 🙂 – Adjoa Skinner

Panelists from Left to Right:


Molly Miller

Head of Guitar dept at Los Angeles College of Music

Dr in guitar performance from Thornton college of music


Jennifer Horton

13 yrs of experience in strategizing

Consultant for too music labels


Monica Hyacinth

Development and implementation of innovative digital marketing strategies for BMG / Universal

(Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande)


Michelle Pesce

started in PR

Now highly sought after DJ (Grammy after party, Gox, Google, Paramount, GQ)


Shannon FitzGerald

CAA – tour marketing management

Chicago, earth wind and fire….


Kristen Smith

Women in Music

Universal Music





started playing guitar at seven

I was assigned that role

One of five siblings

The family band did not take toll


Nine years at USC studying

So I could do more than record & tour

Cause I have a passion for teaching

I have multiple things to live for.


I’m me and have something to say

I found this out when I went deep

When I let go of the fear

And enjoyed what makes me… me!


I was challenged by my mentor

Each time I pick up my instrument to start

that I approach my instrument with honor

And truly play with all of my heart.


Intention, integrity, and sincerity

Knowing your work will be revealed

When you just decide to show up

without needing to get something from the deal.




Came to LA on a mission

Someone gave me chance

That internship turned to a job offer

And put the music world in my hands.


I ran my own company for ten years

After working multiple fields

Learning while doing, taking it all in

Giving whatever was real.


What people gave me was experience

When I really took the work to heart

I realized that I could do it

I knew how to handle their art.


I did this by always doing & reading

Life is not points A,B,C

Jumping from PR to DJing can work

If you’re willing to first trust and see.


By being confident and knowing

That if I make it happen, it will..

What doesn’t work out, is not meant to be

And this doesn’t reflect on my skill.




Started as an analyst in a corporate bank

Working in IT

Took a pay cut to work as a temp

at a music company


Meeting with YouTube and Facebook quite early with those who now run the world

with those who now run the world

Found my niche in digital

And my job at EMI unfurled


Breaking new artists like Avicii

With the first live steam ever

And then I planned to go to Rome

to work for Unilever


Until a phone call came from Universal

To meet Andrew Crawford my now boss

Two hours in, Logic failed me, But instincts…

told me I wouldn’t be at a loss.


Though I’ve had all the bad bosses at a company

I learned it’s important to be empowered by trust.

Trusting the people around you

And cultivating those relationships is a must.


Some of the pressure in digital

Is knowing the men around may not know

That I’m not just the woman in the room

I’m the one who is running the show!





Started my career at Fox broadcasting

But left do to PR from there

Learned An incredible work ethic from my two bosses

And in time met a mentor who took care…


To guide me in being a DJ

I took the risk fifteen years ago

Good morning America And Grammy parties

DJ’s who brunch so we’d know…


That we as women are not competition

We are all in this for reasons

I started a business booking DJs

And we encourage one another in our seasons.


We must trust our intuition

I learned from Spinderella once a week

it is so important

To have mentors that want to teach.


As a DJ sometimes people are afraid to

Take a risk on a woman but there were times

That being a woman has helped me.

The perspective is all in my mind


Work harder and shatter those ceilings

Keep going as your business expands

You can do so much more when you delegate

So everything’s not all in your hands.




Applied for an internship with Columbia records

but through a smaller label

$8.25 an hour for a full-time job

Moved to NYC when I was able


Not having a safety net or friend group

outside of my comfort zone

This was greatly beneficial in my life

The challenge helped me find my own!


Don’t pick a career pick a boss

Because your internal environment shows

That you’re as good as your network is

At CAA this mentorship shows


I try to not wake to my email

… I try to start the day for me.

I know that it’s hard but I fight the urge

every day I decide to be free.


Closing thoughts:

“Luck is preparation meets opportunity!”


On Mentors:


Sister Rosetta starp, Sheryl Sandberg

Michelle Obama

Watching my female clients and friends

We are surrounded by powerful women

Who’ve refused to let others decide their end.


Super soul Sunday and Brene Brown

Yeah Oprah, I’ll now drop the mic

Books are the source that have filled me up

Zooming out instead of sound bites.


Richard Branson, Russell Simmons, Mark Cuban,

I buy books like people buy drinks

Picking the brains of the authors through pages

That share the things that they think.




Empowering Lives International

Don Rogers

ELI International

August 13, 2017

Ephesians 3:20


God is a God of power

Working in us for Honor

Inspiring us to give glory

Every minute every hour

I believe glorious riches

dwell deep inside of me

Christ reigning in my heart

Through grace setting me free.

That I might go to the nations

And never feel alone

Surrounded by God’s people

Going together before YHWH’s throne

God’s power at work within us

God’s goodness challenging our faith

Knowing that we can do exceedingly

abundantly more than we know by God’s grace.

Equipping the poor to live sustainable lives

Being transformed inside, out

Through Christ’s guidance and faithfulness

Make a criminal, a leader in town

To face a life of love & goodness

By turning the outcast around.

Taking in 244 orphans

And still the numbers abound.

74 have graduated

Pursuing higher education

Vincent got a second chance through ELI

Although at seven was an orphan.

I was put into a family

Twelve sisters and eleven brothers

A dad and mom who’d guide me

We’d live and fellowship with each other.

The family that God gave

That Educated and supported me

Til the point where here I stand

My fourth year in university.

We thank YHWH for what’s been done

By the hand of our Redeemer

Spirit, Father, Son.

Be the church by providing for a life

Their needs met 24/7 for each child.

$35 as a sponsor share or

$140 a month to stand beside…

Family was never known to Gladys.

Dad, mom & sister passed on.

But in 2006 she was invited to ELI

As the bigger sister she went on

And told her little sister

Your father and mother have come.

We know that as God’s love continues

This work is never done.

We are still moving forward

We need your support and prayer

Thank you for 22 years of ministry

From the beginning you’ve been there.

Adjoa Skinner



Pastor Jimmie Davidson

The Brooks Church

August 20th, 2017

*As always this poem was written in real time while listening to the speaker.


How we think, is how we are

Our thoughts are what keep us back

Instead of demolishing strongholds & arguments

That have gotten us off track.


Our false ideas paralyze & dominate

With worry, expectation or fear

Yet God has made provision for

The feelings & fears that brought us here…


God asks me to take captive the thoughts

That lead me astray

Forcing them into submission

Each minute of every day.


First test every thought

That is the T in think before you move.

H in think is to helmet your head

Guard your mind & seek for truth.


Replacing the thoughts that keep you down

With hope and faith and trust

Believing the grace God freely offers

Really is enough.


Imagine great thoughts… That is the I

Imagine the possibilities.

Dream and pray with faith knowing

Anything’s possible for those who believe.


Do we believe something can be done

For the broken, the outcast, the poor

To the homeless & those who have lost their minds.

To the 75,000 who live next door.


You’re never a failure if you go after your dreams

We all fail and fall and get up…

We are the Joshua’s at 8 or 80

That through miraculous works share YHWH’s love.


For God chose the poor & the powerless

God chose those who boast in Christ.

This a church for everyone

no matter their beauty or their type.


  • Adjoa Skinner


Scriptures Used:

Psalm 139:23-24

Isaiah 55:8-9

Jeremiah 17:9

2 Corinthians 13

1 John 4:1

Psalm 101:3 – “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.”

Phil 4:6-8 – “Do not worry about anything… Pray about everything… Fix your thoughts on what is pure, admirable, lovely, good.”

Acts 2:17 – “In the last days… I will pour out my Spirit on all people.”

Ephesians 3

Isaiah 26:3

1 Cor 1:21

Vintage Church LA – #summeroflove #blessingBabylon #losangeles

Written in real time while listening to the guest speaker at Vintage Church LA, who challenged us as citizens of Los Angeles.


Ministers of the new creation
Known for creativity

Standing within culture
living within their city

Retrieving what was lost in the fall
But doing it without the Divine.

the height of rebellion against God was religion, But in relationship we find…

In Christ eternal life and a sound mind
Amidst confusion and chaos

Looking outward, competing against
Each other…who is our equal or boss.

But our freedom is an act of worship
Our freedom has a purpose to bless

The gentiles and the foreigners
Those most abused and oppressed.

Solomon took his freedom and ran with it… ran to accumulate

12,000 horses and chariots
With other tools of war and hate

The Slaves becoming Slave drivers
Not seeing they're need to reform

incrementally getting self reliant
no longer seeking to be transformed

Solomon became like Babylon
Rebellious against the God that saved

Babylon was redeemed through the presence of God, through the people of God that stayed

Babylon was then blessed by the Israelites
and by the God of Israel redeemed

with a grace that they never deserved
With a love that none had seen

God said to them prosper, make a future
And while living in Babylon, keep the faith

I will bring you back from captivity
After the 70 years that you stayed.

So put down roots & make a home
You're not here only passing through

So we also must know our neighbors
Asking them "who and how are you?"

We also in our city
The city of angels, LA

Are blessed that we would be a blessing
And that is our purpose today.

⁃ Adjoa Skinner